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Zazgames. A New Perspective of Life.

Have fun together creating fun for everyone

We were born a startup and, despite having grown, our mindset remains just as ambitious. We’re bold and we dream big; that’s how we make great things happen.

Our vision

zazgames are always keen to help and eager for a challenge. We all come from different origins and professional backgrounds – speaking over 6 languages between us! When we join forces, we’re able to excite and entertain our fans, wherever they are.

That’s our vision; to have fun together, creating fun for everyone. How? When we have fun, we can create it. And by working together, we’ll know how to reach everyone.

Our culture

At zazgames, we are passionate gamers. Curious and humble, we enjoy experimenting and learning from everything around us; especially from our users. Their feedback shows us the way to our next big hit. Firstly, we pour our heart and soul into the games we create. Then, we listen to the community and make iterations until we reach the perfect product – one that exceeds their expectations.

Working in the mobile gaming industry, we embrace change and move fast. There’s no other way of being at the top. When it comes to cooperating, we’ve got teamplayer mode switched on! We mostly work in small, cross-functional teams. This way, we’re agile and able to listen to what everyone has to say. Proactivity, accountability and ownership are all key to achieving our goals.

Our values


We couldn’t be luckier. We were born to create great games, and we do it for a living! Loving what we do permeates every project, from the word go.


We think out of the box and do things differently in order to come up with innovative gameplays that amaze the world. Creativity is our weapon. Not even the sky's the limit.


We share our knowledge, opinions, success and mistakes. We believe in open and honest communication, to enforce trust and teamwork.


  • INTERVENTION -Never being satisfied with what is there, always constantly creating, innovating, learning.
  • CONCERN - always takes people as the foundation, perfect from the factors in the company. A good team is made up of good individuals, passionate, passionate and pursuing to the end to achieve the work goals.
  • SHARE - Share values ​​and knowledge so that each individual in the company has the opportunity In order to develop the best.
  • TRAFFICTS - Employees have autonomy and self-determination, propose solutions for their work.
  • CREATIVITY - ways make a difference, innovation and continuous improvement to create high-quality products.
  • COOPERATIVE - Gods work in teams, building together and cooperating to solve problems.

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