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Don't let Stickman fall in this fun race! A lot of opponents and only one winner Take part in a fun race. Red, blue, pink and more stickman vs you. Ready? Do you like durable racing games, competing against other opponents? Fall guys stickman. It's great that you know our game. This will give you the feeling of a real race. Here, you will be drawn to a fun and challenging game.
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This game reaches the stickman to the goal door by cutting the board! By cutting the plank, anything on it will be dropped and you can move on. However, you will need a high IQ to clear it.
Because there are various gimmicks on the stage that interfere with your actions.
You have to predict how those features will work and think about the optimal plank turning off order and turning off position.

Can you clear this game?
This game is a challenge from us to you!

I will tell you what kind of gimmick there is!

â—† Ferocious cows attacking you
There are cows aiming at you on the stage. The cow will attack you as you approach you and you will be game over.
You need to think carefully and turn off the board so that you don't hit the cow.
Let's activate the brain and reach people to the goal door smartly!

â—† A large bomb that explodes when you touch it
Bombs often appear on the stage! The bomb is about to explode! Control it as close as possible to it.
Bombs are very dangerous, but they are not all bad.
The ferocious cow mentioned above can be defeated by a bomb! When you use your brain well and explode and defeat a cow well, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment and exhilaration.

â—† Dangerous pitfalls to the bottom of the abyss
Sometimes the ground is scarce and you may fall from the stage to the abyss. At first glance, you may feel that you cannot clear without the ground.
But rest assured. There is always a strategy for this application.
If it does fall, try changing the order in which you cut the planks and see if you can make good use of the turn off planks.
This App is a challenge from us to you!

As you play the application, you will get various skins for the stickman. They are very colorful and have hats and are very cute!
Please try different skins and complete all kinds of skins.
Can you unlock and unlock all character skins?

The rules of this application are very simple and easy!
It is suitable for people of all ages and will be enjoyed by everyone.
For example, you can play with small children and have fun with friends and family!
Please play a lot with the people around you and compete for who can clear it quickly!

Features of this application
・ By playing this game, you can expect to activate your brain and improve your IQ.
・ Ideal for relaxing and relieving stress.
・ You can get a feeling of exhilaration when you can clear it correctly.
・ Simple and unique rules that anyone can enjoy

Play Cut the board now!

Use your mouse or WASD to move around.





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